Environment Agency North West are working “day and night” to help Greater Manchester with the aftermath of the Storm Ciara flooding.

Early estimates suggest that 140-150 properties have been flooded across Greater Manchester.

Emma Harding, from Environment Agency NW said:

“Flooding is dangerous and can happen very quickly. The effects can be devastating. The best way to protect yourself from flooding is to know what to do in advance.”

Over the weekend they issued 26 flood warnings across the area to over 13,000 houses, so people could take action to protect their homes against the Storm Ciara flooding.

They also operated flood defence assets across the Greater Manchester area including the two Salford areas, Littleton Road and Castle Irwell.

Credit: Eleni Evangelinos

Debris screens are also being cleaned up after cluttering the landscape and roads.

Vikis Shah MBE, a Salford entrepreneur, noticed a layer of debris at Salford Quays, near his textiles business.

Image Credit: Vikas Shah MBE

On the effect Storm Ciara has had on his business he said: “Our business is involved in import, distribution and commodities trading, so adverse weather has a knock-on impact in supply chains with ships being stuck and delays on rail and air transport.”

He believes that the disruption and flooding “reveals how under prepared we are for storms, snow and so forth.”

Greater Manchester could be facing further adverse affects next weekend due to Storm Dennis.

Residents of Salford are urged to join the 1.4 million people who have already signed up for flood warnings for updated information.

Ms Harding, on behalf of Environmental Agency, said: “We advise people to stay away from swollen rivers and urge people not to drive through flood water as just 30cm of flowing water is enough to move your car.”

Featured Image Credit: Ethan Wallford

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