The Two In A Bed theatre company are set to perform Manchester Minutes – a series of seven short plays all set in Manchester at the Kings arms in Salford this Friday.

Manchester Minutes is the second play from Two in a Bed, following Fossils, which can still be seen this year at the Greater Manchester Fringe festival.

Mr Joe Walsh, who set up Two In A Bed with Mr Owen Murphy, said: “Two In A Bed has been going for around a year, me and my mate Owen always used to meet after a shift at work and have a drink in Wetherspoons.

“I was writing a one man play at the time – Fossils – but realised it needed two people.

“Owen agreed to join me and so we got it done in August last year!

“Usually how it work is I am more of the writer, and Owen the director but we sort of dip and dive and work as a team to see how it works.”

Credit: Two In A Bed twitter, permission given by Joe Walsh via email

Set to last for around two hours on Friday, Manchester Minutes consists of seven pieces, all lasting for roughly 15 minutes, each full of drama and comedy.

“Each piece is set in a different location, like the Midland Hotel, Old Trafford, The Emily Pankhurst statue, Piccadilly Gardens and a few more.

“Its sold out and we’re genuinely very surprised that it had the pull it did, hopefully we’ll do it again!”


Two In A Bed have got more to come, with a few other plays in the works at the moment. Mr Walsh explained: “We’re working on a play called The Badmin, about a lad called Dean who has been brought up with a really hard family life and meets Jake, who’s the opposite. It’s all about their dynamic, other characters come into the fold and there’s a lot of twists and turns.”

The Badmin is set to come later this year, and includes themes such as LGBTQ and grief.

There’s definitely more to expect from Two In A Bed, and with two show successes to their name already, bigger things are sure to come.

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