Students at Oasis Academy MediaCityUK have been taking to the ballots this week, as they make their marks for their new Salford Young Mayor and Member of Young Parliament (MYP) 2021-2022.

Young voters are faced with four candidates on the ballot for Young Mayor and six candidates for Member of Young Parliament.

Some of the most prominent issues on the ballot range from improving mental health services to enhancing safety within the community.


Meet the candidates one on one here.


Tommy Kirkwood who is on the ballot for Young Mayor for Salford has said he’s aiming to tackle domestic and mental abuse.

Tommy said: “I’d raise awareness by putting leaflets and flyers in schools, as well as, in and around areas young people go to hang out.

“The aim is then for young people to know what domestic and mental abuse is, who they can go and report it to, and know that they’re not alone.”


Oliver Edwards who is a candidate for Salford Young Mayor wants to reduce knife crime, improve mental health services, and enhance the environment in and around the community.

Oliver said: “In Salford, knife crime is rising.  Since 2014 there has been a 80 percent increase in knife crime offenses.”


Chelsea Matton, a candidate for Salford Young Mayor aims to reduce the stigma surrounding sexual health in schools, tackle climate change within the community, and implement better mental health services for young people in schools.

Chelsea said: “I believe there should be more workshops in our schools to improve sexual health education and help battle the stigma surrounding it.”


The role of the Member of Young Parliament is to represent Salford Youth Council and voice issues impacting young people of the city both on the regional and national stages.

Anyone who is under 18 can vote for one candidate for Young Mayor and one candidate for MYP.  Anyone under 25 years old can vote for one candidate for Young Mayor.

MYPs that head to the House of Commons focus on top issues selected by young people across the UK.  The top priority for the coming 12 month period is then headed by UKYP.

The Young Mayor has a similar role but focuses on issues that are mainly concerned in and around Salford effecting local residents.


Elections are on until February 15.

You can vote and find your ballot here.

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