Salford residents have been invited by the City Council to comment on the Publication Salford Local Plan: Development Management Policies and Designations document.

The document titled, ‘A Fairer City’ will cover the period up to 2037 and discuss proposals for future planning applications, infrastructure goals and protecting the city’s environmental assets in a hope to create a ‘fairer’ Salford.

The cutoff for comments is 4:30pm on Friday March 20 when an updated plan will then be sent to the secretary of state.

One of the key issues highlighted in the local plan is affordable housing.

“Housing affordability in Salford is worsening and is a major challenge for many households,” the latest iteration of the plan states. “Significantly increasing the supply of affordable housing is therefore a key priority and a vital component in delivering a fairer Salford.

Online discourse suggests that residents are less than pleased with the proposal and the slogan ‘Haven’t we heard it all before?’ has begun circulating in Facebook groups and Tweets.

The Council will be running appointment-based ‘surgery sessions’ on Tuesday, February 25 between 1:30pm – 8pm and again on Wednesday, February 26 between 8:30am – 2:15pm at the Civic Centre in Swinton for anyone who wishes to make a suggestion.

These one-on-one sessions will provide local residents with the opportunity to meet with a planning officer to discuss the plan and ask any questions before making any formal written comments.

There will also be a series of committee meetings, free to attend for anyone who wishes to do so – details will be made available on the Council website.

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