Storm Dennis attacked the north of England at the weekend, seeing two of Salfords Park runs cancelled.

The two tracks are located in Worsley Woods, and another in Eccles.

Unsurprisingly, both Park runs fell victim to the recent surge of storms.

Worsley Woods Park run held high hopes that conditions could clear up on Friday evening.

However, volunteers deemed the course too dangerous on Saturday morning.

Ultimately, forcing them to cancel their run.

Parkrun in action

They took to Facebook to justify their reasons, stating “due to lots of debris already over the path from last night’s wind.”

Furthermore, “We are also concerned about the risk to runners from flying debris and falling branches, should the wind continue.”

Therefore, they advised athletes to run elsewhere.

And to visit their neighbouring Park runs, however, only if they were “feeling brave”

Athletes were content with the decision and praised the volunteers for braving Storm Dennis’ conditions.

One Parkrunner commented, that it’s “always a shame when it’s cancelled, but the right decision.”

The Park run course encompasses a combination of trail-like terrain and gravel paths to run along.

Parkrun is a global organisation who has created a free, weekly, timed 5 kilometre run for the public, every Saturday.

Across Greater Manchester, there are over 15 ParkRun’s as well as several junior Parkrun.

For more information, head over to the Parkrun Website at

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