An art exhibition at The Lowry has been set up by the Together Trust, to help celebrate 150 years of supporting those in need.

The organisation began in 1870 as the brainchild of teachers Leonard Kilbee Shaw and Richard Bramwell Taylor.

With the support of local businesses, on January 4 they opened the ‘Night Refuge for Homeless Boys’ in Deansgate.

Nowadays, the Together Trust runs 47 different services across the North West, which help deliver care and support to children, young adults, and families.

The services vary from arranging foster families and caring homes to offering specialist educational support, among others.

The art exhibition itself aims to recognise the organisation’s history, alongside showcasing the work it does currently.

The artwork includes a selection created by children and young adults, who in many cases have learning difficulties or disabilities.

Mark Lee, chief executive at the Together Trust, said: “Working in pairs, the professional artists we selected ran bespoke workshops in our schools, colleges and out in local communities across the North West.

“This helped create work using mediums such as music, movement and dance, painting, clay, photography and other forms of craft.

“In many cases the people we support have the kind of complex needs that mean they’ve often struggled to cope in other settings.

“But they’ve found a place in our schools, a place in which with specialist support they are able to thrive and achieve their ambitions. We’re very, very proud of the work they’ve done in this exhibition”.

After visiting the exhibition, Deputy Mayor of Stockport John Wright said: “We loved the exhibition and found it really inspiring. There was so much imagination, talent and skill from the young artists on display.

“From speaking to the professional artists who worked on the project it’s clear they really enjoyed working with the young people and they’ve been able to help them develop their own ideas and learn lots of new skills and new ways to express themselves”.

The exhibition runs until May 24 at the Lowry in MediaCityUK, and if you want to help support the Together Trust more information can be found out here.

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