It was opening night for the West Yorkshire theatre company, Northern Broadsides who performed their Napoleon-era production to an almost packed out Quays Theatre, situated within The Lowry Theatre, Salford.

Although many may be confused by the title of ‘Quality Street’ and to its dismay, believing that it may be about the brightly coloured wrapped confectionery.

This production tells the tale of ‘Quality Street’ before the tinned chocolates took over the world.

The two and a half hour production sees the small cast partake in playing both real life factory workers and the roles of characters whose stories unfold within Halifax.

Jessica Baglow, who plays Phoebe Throssel, has wild, blooming and child-like characteristics which leads to her falling in love with Valentine Brown (played by Dario Coates), a daring and dashing man who turns to war, leaving Miss Phoebe behind. 

Whilst being a young adult in love, heartbreak overshadows Phoebe, and the distress turns her into someone else entirely.

Mid interval set change. Photo- Chloe Banks

Ten years later, Phoebe and Valentine meet again and she is left with all emotions from the past which leads her to become an almost alter-ego like self, Miss Livvy; who is her ‘niece’.

The love and heartache she acclaims from Valentine, allow her to feel all over again when Valentine confesses his love for Phoebe.

The naturalistic acting mixed with elements of non-naturalism and abstract theatre props and techniques such as cross-dressing, multi-rolling and puppetry make this piece of drama to be quite the mixture of drama and comedy.

Similar to a box of chocolates, Quality Street is a production where you will like some scenes and characters more than others.

You can see Quality Street at The Lowry from the 25th February to the 29th February.

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