Our Hearts, Our Community are hosting Charity Soul and Motown Night on Saturday 21st March to raise money for Dancing with Dementia, a charity helping to “take the pressure off those affected by dementia”.

Dementia is the term used to describe the symptoms that may include memory loss and speech problems.

Dementia is caused when the brain is damaged by diseases or a series of strokes. Alzheimer’s disease is the most common cause of dementia.

Dancing with Dementia is a charity established in 2016.

They are a social dance and entertainment group for people who are affected by dementia, whether they have it themselves, are a career or have a loved one suffering with the disease.

It helps to change their setting to a more social one instead of clinical, helping to “relieve them of pressure”. In November 2019, they were officially made a charity.

Lesley Fisher, Chair Person of Dancing with Dementia, is one of the initial founders of the charity.

Ms Fisher was affected herself by dementia when her sister was diagnosed in 2014. Herself and her sister attended Singing with Dementia where she met Dementia Champions; a group of people like her in the same situation. After seeing some of the work that they were doing, she decided that “If they can, so can I”.

Dancing with Dementia host events in the middle of the day, with live acts and refreshments, allowing dementia sufferers to experience a social situation and relieve careers of pressure, knowing that its a safe environment.

Lesley Fisher stated that, “Dancing, singing and music has a positive effect on those with dementia. If you play someone with speech problems their favourite song, they will sing along”.

Ms Fisher further went on to say, “People get to talk to people in the same situation as they and they can receive some advice. It ticks the box for careers and it ticks the box for people with the condition”.

“If I ask you what a Macmillion nurse does, you know. But if I ask you what a Admiral nurse does, I bet you don’t know”, stated Ms Fisher; “People need to get away from this if you’ve got dementia, you sing war songs because it just not the case”.

The Charity Soul and Motown Night is on Saturday 21st of March at Grand Palais in Swinton. Tickets are £10 and if you want to buy one, contact Allison on 07940711514 or email lesley.fisher@yahoo.co.uk

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