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CCTV cameras with built-in temperature sensors sound like a scene from a spy film. However, they could be coming to Salford.

A company is trying to install smart CCTV cameras in workplaces to detect and isolate carriers of the Coronavirus in Salford.

The cameras, with built-in temperature sensors, relay data to the security in the building, leading to the isolation of those with a higher temperature than normal.

Serviced office provider has been asked by at least three large UK firms  to explore the application of virus-screening CCTV systems.

Coronavirus under the microscope. Image Credit: NIAID on Flickr. License link:

It has been confirmed that there are now 90 cases of Coronavirus in the UK, after Wednesday saw the biggest increase. 16,659 people have been tested for the virus with 16,574 being negative.

The Prime Minister has released his plan to tackle the spread of Coronavirus in the UK as it is thought the virus is ‘likely’ to become more significant.

The plan includes reinstating retired medical professionals and encouraging people to work from home as well as stopping any unnecessary travel.

Public Health England is advising schools to remain open; a message echoed by Health Secretary Matt Hancock.

Amid all the doom and gloom of the ‘deadly’ virus, Twitter users are finding the humour in the misery;

For more information about the Coronavirus and how to avoid the spread and infection visit:


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