Five students from Salford University Boat Club will take part in a 24 hour row for MacMillan Cancer support.

From 7pm on 14 March, five members of the senior girls crew will row until 7pm the following day.


Half of all the donations made will be given to MacMillan Cancer support, with the other fifty per cent going towards fixing boats at the club.

Club President, Poppy Hewgill, said: “We chose MacMillan because it’s such a good charity where we can seen the benefits of how the money is being used.

“We decided we wanted to donate to a charity that supports people affected by cancer because in the past year, three of our teammates have lost parents to a form of the disease.

“It is a good feeling knowing that half of the money raised will be going to a charity that helps thousands of people.”

In preparation for this event, the team have been doing weekly sessions on the rowing machine for one hour, as well as strength and conditioning exercises.

Rowing for a long duration of time will be very tiring and Poppy explained how the team plan to keep motivated: “We have friends and fellow rowers coming down to support us; anybody is welcome to come down and see what we do!

“We have spaces that will be prepped for films and study areas when we change over and have breaks in between not rowing when others are.”


The team plan to complete the event by splitting the 24 hours evenly between the five members consisting of rowing for an hour each.

The club also want to hold a MacMillan coffee morning in the SU at the university in the near future, as well as bake sales on campus once the weather warms up.

Poppy also explains that the club is a very tight family and believes doing these events are a way to support their friends that have lost a family member to the disease: “It’s like a big family and I always look forward to going to training to see my friends; it motivates you loads.”

If you want to donate, a link will soon be uploaded to their Facebook page.

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