Salford Victoria Theatre

Salford Victoria is set to play a new role in the near future with plans announced to reopen it as a community centre.

The victorian theatre has been deemed one of Salford’s top three at risk historic buildings.

Built in 1899, the theatre has a terracotta set with stained glass and an intimate auditorium featuring richly scrolled plasterwork.

There are substantial remains of wooden sub-stage machinery in the theatre including a complete grave trap, a rectangular hole in the stage floor commonly used in productions of Hamlet.

In the past, the 3,000 capacity venue has been used as a cinema and bingo hall before the curtain was brought down for a final time in 2007.

Salford Victoria Theatre or ‘The Victoria’ was sold at auction in 2018 but has been out of use ever since.

The Victorian venue has been out of use since it’s closure in 2007. Credit – Save Victoria Theatre Salford

It is hoped Salford Victoria has the potential to become an attractive and vibrant hub for Lower Broughton.

The theatre could also return to being used as an active playhouse in the long-term.

The restoration comes after a viability study found this to be the best use for the building.

Renovation efforts have been made in the past with the Save The Victorian Theatre group meeting with stakeholders late last year.

The restoration process would take four stages with each focusing on repairing areas of the theatre including the stage, roof, windows and its various floors.



The historic venue has been supported by Theatres Trust both nationally and in local capacity with Salford Victoria Theatre Trust rallying for the venue to be saved.

The venue was one of six ‘high risk’ venues recieving £21,600 in 2019 to fund studies into what use the venue would suit best.

Theatres Trust hopes to see the venue reopen with a statement on their website saying: “We urge local people, Salford City Council and local partners and businesses to support this vision for both building and community.”

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