A Salford-based loo roll company boss has urged people not to panic as the number of Coronavirus cases increases.

People across Salford have been panic buying in a bid to stock up in fear of goods becoming scarce as the situation worsens.

Tony Richards, director of Salford firm Essity, has stated that his factory has supplied 63 million toilet rolls in the last two weeks compared to 24 million being sold at the same time last year.

Items such as hand sanitisers, tissues and food supplies have also been flying off the shelves.

Online retailers also seem to be cashing in on the pandemic selling hand sanitisers for extortionate prices because shops are selling out.

Earlier in the week the UK Health secretary Matthew Hancock said: “There is absolutely no need for people to panic buy.”

The latest UK figure for confirmed Coronavirus cases currently stands at 590 but this number is expected to rise significantly.

If you experience any Coronavirus symptoms ring NHS 111 as soon as possible.


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