Rebecca Long-Bailey, MP for Salford and Eccles has criticised the government for failing to promise actions needed to tackle the climate crisis in the 2020 budget.

Long-Bailey said “promising consultations” would not be enough to make effective environmental change and there needs to be a bigger commitment to reducing energy bills for lower income households.

The Chancellor, Rishi Sunak said the government will implement a number of green measures including reducing air pollution in cities and investing £1bn into research and development into energy research, however Mr Sunak’s huge road-building programme and a failure to address insulating homes in an energy efficient way have received criticism.

Rebecca also said there were “gaping holes in the budget on coronavirus.”

She criticised the government for not proposing any increase on the rate of sick pay or any new money towards social care.

For more information about what is included in the budget visit the government’s website.

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