Greater Manchester police statistics show that almost 4000 sexual offence-related crimes were reported in the last 12 months. 3191 of those victims were female.

Missing Link Martial Art has developed a course concepts to strengthen women in greater Manchester.

This course will give them the knowledge and tools, both verbal and physical, to not become the next victim.

This class aims to improve and prevent the lives of those affected by Domestic violence through better co-ordinated services.

Being a woman should not be subject to become victimized or objectified; so with classes like these starting in Salford will definitely help improve and give confidence to women who may feel vulnerable to men in certain situations.

According to German studies, women who fought against a sexual assault either verbally or physically could successfully prevent their attacker from committing something in 60%-70% of cases, as long as the attacker was a stranger.

However, these numbers quickly drop to 40% once the attacker is familiar with you, but regardless, becoming a victim to any type of assault is severely stressful and potentially traumatizing.

This is why Missing Link Martial Art has started this concept to give women the support they need when it comes to self defence.

Many different techniques are taught in these training classes to make residents safer such as :

> Typical conflict scenarios
> Body language
> Distance & Boundaries

With the help of this course, women are not only being assisted to recognise harassment and sexual violence but how to also defend themselves in hopes to reduce the number of crimes in this category. Some campaigners against victim blaming are skeptical about putting the burden of learning self-defence on women. Antje Timmermann, Missing Link Instructor Circle member and educator in Manchester says – “Sometimes the insensitive message about if you knew how to defend yourself, this wouldn’t have happened to you can lead to an ideological resistance against taking steps for personal safety”.

So with campaigns like these that actually help and encourage women fight for themselves shares a positive message.

The intro to Women’s Self Defence is due to be on Thursday 26th March at the training session studio which is located at Studio 25 Church Street, Manchester M4 1PE

To start your intense weekend of training with international missing link karate instructors contact;

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