Salford electro-pop producer and singer/songwriter, Ewan, has released his new track, ‘Electric Heart’. 

Image Credits – Jake Gurd

The 19 year old singer/songwriter, Ewan Job, has a unique take on electro pop, fusing together music and fashion to make bold art pieces.

Ewan said: “I want to create something different.

“I am a creative and eccentric person and I like to reflect that in the music I produce”.

‘Electric Heart’ is set in a technological age of music, so Ewan created the song around this idea.

From it’s title to the mechanical sound, it is very electronic. The Salford artist describes the song as “a metaphor about controlling your emotions and feelings, and being able to turn them off”.

The cover art is a heart surrounded with wires to support the metaphor of the track, and was created by graphic designer Jake Gurd.

Ewan said: “Jake managed to perfectly capture the vibe of the song and made the perfect cover art. Shoutout to you, Jake!”

His new song, released 20th March, is his first track of 2020.

It features hard beats, gritty synthesisers, and his powerful voice to create the ultimate dance floor track.

His previous song, ‘What Do You Want?’ was released in September of last year and has since become a fan-favourite. 

Despite not having label representation, his first single, ‘Burned Out’ has nearly a thousand streams on Spotify.

Ewan draws his inspiration from pop legends, such as Lady Gaga, Ava Max and Katy Perry.

Describing his work as ‘colourful and bold’, the Salford artist uses his life experiences to produce his signature anecdotal style of music, stating “Stuff happens. You just have to write about it.”

Ewan regularly performs in venues over Salford and Manchester, but he has not let the social distancing restrictions stop him from performing live. He has been doing gigs on instagram live to his hundreds of followers. 

To keep up to date with his latest music and performances, follow @ewanmusicuk on instagram and twitter. 

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