Chat and Natter with the Spirit of Salford Network

The Spirit of Salford network has begun a new service called “Chat and Natter” which aims to bring people together during the Covid-19 pandemic.

The sessions were suggested by Salford resident Jo Harrison after she noticed posts in the network’s Facebook group from people who were feeling quite worried and isolated during lockdown.

She posted on the page suggesting some live chat sessions each day for people to just talk to each other.

She added: “It would be better than individuals just posting and hoping someone replies. Just a thought.”

The idea: an online event where a bunch of Salford residents are available to chat with each other.

“We’re hoping to do some form of Chat and Natter event every week,” says Charlotte Rowley, who is part of the Spirit of Salford volunteer network, which was set up by Salford councillors Sharmina August and Lewis Nelson and Salford CVS.

She said: “A lot of folks are feeling anxious and scared and we’re hoping we can provide a safe space to link them up and tackle some of the loneliness while being in lockdown.”

The event hopes to bring people together during this uncertain times.

Ms Rowley said: “I’ve started chatting with people I wouldn’t have come across in real life through it, and we’re all helping each other out.”

During the event people can talk about fun stuff and things that wouldn’t need a full post on the page.

Councillors are also on hand during the event to answer questions.

The first chat on the page was just a comment thread dedicated specifically to the chat.

However, after a good turnout and great discussion, Ms Rowley said: “We’ll probably try out some other formats going forward, but we are trying to keep it simple.”

The network is working on all sorts of initiatives including a hotline (0800 952 1000) and online services offering support. Services include; picking up medication, dropping off food, taking pets to the vets or anything residents could need assistance with. It’s currently unknown whether the event will take place every week so keep up with the Spirit of Salford Network page for more information!

More volunteers, such as students, are welcome but some may also find it helpful to join in the chat.

Ms Rowley said: “We’d really love it if Salford students joined in.

“If you’re staying in Salford then we’re here for you as well, especially as your families might be in other cities.”

Infographic created by Cora Dixon on using images labelled for reuse from Google Images.

The Spirit of Salford Network information including hotline, webform, Facebook group, volunteer registration, and fundraiser are all below.

Hotline: 0800 952 1000


Facebook Group:

To register to volunteer:

To donate to the fundraiser:

There are currently 259 cases of Covid-19 in Salford alone. Below is an infographic displaying the Covid-19 related fatalities locally to Salford. 

Infographic displaying deaths related to COVID-19 in hospital local to Salford. Statistics as of Wednesday, April 8th 2020, 04:31 pm. Created by Cora Dixon via


  1. J.G. Ward.

    What a wonderful idea “Joe Harrison”.

    The comfort of knowing that for whatever reason, you can chat with one of these lovely vounteer’s and be reassured that we are all in this together.
    At this time , we are finding that our problems are much the same., Fear Loneliness, Shortages, in need of Help etc, etc, but Spirit of Salford have brought the old saying to life “A problem shared is a problem halved”the COVID-19 situation has (as we are all well aware of) put our lives at risk and on hold .
    Chat & Natter have come along just when we are in most need of it and you truly are a “GOD SEND”
    Thanks to each and everyone of you (individually) for sharing g your “Ears” your “Time’ and your selfless Dedication to get us through this most worrying of times.
    I’m so grateful that this world has got
    People like you in it.

    Ps. Ms. Rebbecca Long-Bailey.
    Don’t be disappointed, I know from following you that you’ve too much to offer this Country and your time will come.

  2. Leanne Waring

    Hi my farther in law is a salford lad lives on his own as his wife past 19/4/19 he is 70 now and blind so can’t write anything on a chat page do u have ppl any ppl that phone ppl up like this at all. We see him every day but he is really missing chatting to others. Thank you leanne fletcher

    • Hi Leanne, hope you and your father in law are doing well.

      The Spirit of Salford Network also launched a hotline last week perfect for things like this. If you could send a quick email explaining the above and your father inlaws phone number to the girls over at the network will be happy to help you and get in touch with your father in law for a nice chat!

      Stay safe,

      • Hi Leanne,

        Exactly what Cora said, we will be more than happy to help. As of last week, we now have our Stay In Touch service up and running. Staying at home shouldn’t mean feeling lonely, so if you, or someone you know, could do with having a regular chat with someone let us know.

        This chat-and-check service is run by NHS Salford CCG, with staff trained in safeguarding as well as mental health, learning disabilities, sensory impairments, carers, dementia and autism.

        You don’t have to fall into any of the categories above or want to talk about anything in particular, anyone who feels they could benefit from this can access it.

        Just call to the Spirit of Salford helpline on 0800 952 1000 or fill out a form online at to sign up for a chat

        Charlie Rowley (Spirit of Salford volunteer)

  3. Leanne fletcher

    Thank you for the information stay safe

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