Pupils at St Mark’s RC Primary School in Swinton have written letters to NHS staff thanking them for their efforts during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Year 6 pupils from the school wrote to staff working at Salford Royal Hospital, not only to thank them for their hard work but to try and uplift their spirits during the coronavirus outbreak.

The letters, which were written prior to the school’s closure at the end of March, refer to our health workers as “superheroes” and “inspirations”.

The North West Ambulance service also received letters from the school children.

Mrs Charlotte Smith, the class’ teacher and member of the school’s Senior Learning Team, tells us why her students wrote the letters:

“They were asking lots of questions and hearing a lot of stories outside of the school gates, so they knew about the pressures that the workers were under.

“We discussed it in class, and I personally also felt quite helpless as there is nothing we could physically do to help. But since my class are so positive I thought we could use that to compose some uplifting messages.

“The children wrote the letters independently and used all their own words, they’re fantastic!”

A letter from Jack and Cadey.

Some of the children have written poems to show their gratitude.

Two students, Aiana and Bobby, included this poem in their letter:

“We believe in you,

“So keep doing what you do,

“Break down the barriers,

“Until you make it through,

“This virus that stands in front of you

“But we will get through.”

Staff at Salford Royal have expressed their happiness at receiving the letters, with many shedding tears upon reading the children’s words.

They would like to give their thanks and appreciation to all the children who wrote these uplifting letters during a time of need.

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