Salford National tea day

Facing a global pandemic, we’re here to help you look forward to the day Lockdown ends. However, who says you can’t enjoy a perfectly good cup of tea at your Salford home? 

A cuppa, a brew or tea, however you like to call it, a cup of tea is famously known and continues to be a prominent part of British culture.

In the morning, afternoon, evening or just before bed, it is safe to say, us Brits go through a lot of tea.

In fact, a study shows that: “84% of the British population drink tea or herbal infusions every day.”

With such an immense demand for tea, one still begs the question: Which goes first, milk or boiling water?

Taking to social media we found out what their personal preferences were.

Infographic created by Sofia Tavini

Having a brew in these early stages of quarantine and lockdown has been viewed in some ways as an opportunity to check in on loved ones.

Salford Angels, have been one of the very few Salford based communities to encourage getting in touch with friends and family on this day.


This has left many local businesses without any income.

However to get them back up and running once the lockdown regulations have been lifted, here are our top 3 cafe’s in Salford to celebrate national tea day.

1) Lupo Caffè Italiano 


2) The Treehouse

3) Grindsmiths

For more information about National Tea Day, click here.


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