Families struggling to keep in contact with their loved ones in hospital can now reach out through the new ‘Send a Letter’ scheme, run by the Northern Care Alliance Group (NCA).

The scheme allows loved ones to contact their relative through emails, which are monitored and then printed out at the hospital, laminated and delivered to the patient’s ward.

Currently, the scheme reaches patients at the Salford Royal NHS Trust, and those receiving care at  Pennine Acute Hospitals NHS Trust hospitals, such as Royal Oldham and Rochdale Infirmary.

This contact from families can boost morale in hospitals at this time, with Tammy Pike, Group Assistant Director Patient/Service User Experience Quality Improvement at the NCA explaining: “Any form of communication from loved ones can lift the spirits and help overall wellbeing.

“By setting up the NCA Send a Letter scheme we hope to help patients and families feel closer to one another, despite the physical distance that is being imposed at this time.”

The scheme comes after 464 cases have been officially confirmed in Salford.




The NCA ask that loved ones include the patient’s name, date of birth, hospital site where they are being treated, and the ward or department number.

Loved ones with relatives at Salford Royal should contact: sendaletter@srft.nhs.uk and loved ones with relatives at Royal Oldham, Fairfield General or Rochdale Infirmary should contact: sendaletter@pat.nhs.uk.



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