Creative and inspirational workers at Dock10 in MediaCityUK have reassigned their 3D printer to print PPE for frontline Covid-19 workers as part of the ‘Shields for Manchester Healthcare Workers’ group.

Broadcast engineer at Dock 10 Chris Kelly, who is currently working from home, decided to take action and do his bit.

He is now helping to make the vital Personal Protective Equipment face masks needed to shield and protect workers during the pandemic.

Mr Kelly, who is home schooling his two young children alongside his wife, explained: “I actually saw a post on a local Facebook group from Ben Jamin asking if anyone needed one as he was 3D printing them already.

“So, I managed to get my bosses to agree for me to take home the 3D printer we have at work and essentially increase his output whilst he is on furlough.

“He’s working around the clock with his housemates and they’re all doing an incredible job.”

The finished product: face shields as part of the vital PPE that frontline workers need. Credit: Dovestone WI.

Mr Kelly continued: “The current design had already been created by someone else in the 3D printing community.

“It was chosen as the printing time can be significantly reduced compared to some others as it uses a much smaller amount of material.

“Ben took that and modified it so that it could print on our different models of printer.”

The 3D printers at Dock 10 are usually used for “printing spare parts for equipment when we need replacements quickly or if it’s more cost effective to make our own.

“They are also used for projects that are  so bespoke that we can’t actually buy the parts as products off the shelf.” Explained Mr Kelly.

Face masks and other forms of adequate PPE have been in high demand for front-line workers to be able to ensure they can do their jobs safely as they are at higher and direct risk of catching the virus and passing it on to someone else, someone potentially vulnerable of becoming seriously ill.

There has been a national shortage and so many members of the public have been doing their bit to help in any way they can.

The 3D printer being used. Credit: Chris Kelly.

Mr. Kelly said: “The requests for face-masks has been extraordinary”.

There is a GoFundMe page which has been set-up to raise funds for the printing materials, supplies and any potential replacement parts which anyone can help donate to.

The masks have been distributed to frontline workers including nurses, A&E staff, paramedics, care home staff, nurseries and mobile nursing groups.

He added: “Basically anyone who is in need of them can get in touch with us and we will do the best that we can.

“We have passed the 1,500 mark and are hoping to get to 2,000 as quickly as we can.”

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