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A business owner has created a virtual community raffle to support independent businesses during lockdown in Salford west.

Susie Kwok, 48-year-old, owner of On Our Doorstep magazine began fundraising last weekend and has since sold almost 50 tickets.

She says: “The initial raffle is set at 1000 tickets. This would allow us to help 20 local businesses.

“If this takes off, we will continue running raffles until the lockdown is over.
Our ultimate target would be to reach 10,000 tickets – which would mean we have helped 200 local businesses!”

“Each prize will be worth £50 or more. So for £1, you could win a brilliant prize, plus the satisfaction you have helped our businesses which are the heart of our community.”

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According to the government “a full range of business support measures have been made available to UK businesses.”

This includes information on paying employees, tax and sick pay as well as other support such as grants and funds that some businesses may be eligible to if they apply.

As a business owner, Ms Kwok knows first hand what local independent businesses in Salford are experiencing. Before the lockdown On Our Doorstep was ready to distribute their April/May issue but that has since been postponed.

Ms Kwok continues to say that there is not enough financial support for businesses:

“I’m self-employed.

“It’s based on your final profits and what you’ve submitted in your final self assessment (tax payment).

“It doesn’t take into account that before you take out your profit you have to pay your printers,’ve still got the worry of how to pay those other bills that are in no way covered by the government grant.”

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Currently, Ms Kwok takes no percentage from the Salford West raffle to support her business as “it didn’t feel right”.

But there are hopes that soon she will be able to offer a prize to help her business as well as others.

Ms Kwok says: “It’s important that the community doesn’t forget these businesses.”

You can follow the raffle here. 

For more information, find @savesalfordwest on Instagram and Twitter and use the hashtag #savesalfordwest.

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