Vulnerable families facing added stress during the Covid-19 pandemic are being given an extra helping hand by a Salford charity.

‘Daughters of Salford’ have set up a Baby Bank in the city to help by providing the basic essentials.

It aims to be a resource for the NHS and other professionals who work on the front line with families.

Many new parents will have lots of extra adjustments to make on top of getting used to the challenge of a newborn baby.

Founder of Daughters of Salford Angela Ouattara said: “Covid-19 has impacted all our lives but in the transition to parenthood the isolation from not seeing family and friends can be trickier for some families.

“If you are unable to connect and get hands-on help from friends and family, it can feel overwhelming with a new baby or little ones and we are also mindful of those families who experience bereavement at this time.”

Salford Baby Bank works on a referral basis and when a family has been referred by a GP practice, charity, school, or children’s centre a volunteer will safely deliver them a care package of whatever items they have in stock.

It is asking the public for donations of items that will be a necessity for a struggling family at this time. You can find these lists on its social media platforms and Amazon wishlist.

It was estimated that in the UK there are 4.1 million children living in poverty with Salford being one of the areas where the number is above average.

Angela added: “Whilst there have been many amazing developments in our city in recent years, there are still needs and issues which need addressing and we want to be part of that solution, along with partner organisations and communities.

“We work in close partnership with The Life Centre on Langworthy Road and The Castle Community Centre, Lewis St, Eccles.”

To donate to Salford Baby Bank follow this link or visit its social media platforms.

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