McDonald’s has this morning announced which of its stores will be reopening from May 13, and the list of 15 restaurants does not include any Greater Manchester locations.

It is news that everyone has eagerly been waiting for, but Salford must wait a little longer as the nearest store to open its doors again next week is over 170 miles away in Luton.

McDonald’s announced which stores would be opening for delivery only on social media earlier today, as you can see below.

In a statement to customers, Paul Pomroy, head of McDonald’s in the UK and Ireland, said: “We are working hard to reopen more restaurants… Slowly, but safely we will return.

“When we return it will be different as we all adjust to this new normal. I want to apologise in advance if our first wave of reopened restaurants does not serve your area.

“Rest assured, we are working hard to reopen more restaurants, but I am adamant this must be at the right pace with the wellbeing of our employees, suppliers, and customers front of mind.”

And Salford will be hoping that at least one of the six stores in the city will be next to open, along with the rest of the north as all of the stores scheduled to reopen are located in the south of England.

Many people have took to Twitter to share their opinions on McDonald’s’ announcement;

McDonald’s responded to questions on Twitter on why the stores were not more spread out with: “We are operating a trial of 15 restaurants for a couple of weeks and we do hope to start expanding this trial very soon.

“As soon as we do, we will let you know through our usual communication channels or please do feel free to check again with us at a later date”.

In the past few days, McDonald’s have confirmed that they have been operating controlled tests to establish the safest ways to get up and running again.

Orders are delivery only and must be placed through UberEats, with each store delivering within a mile radius and a limited menu available.

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