Velvet shakes

With the current pandemic changing the dynamic of everyday life for a lot of people, musicians and creatives are finding new ways of adjusting to creating while indoors, including Salford band Velvet Shakes.

The band is made up of musicians Josh Bithell, Scott Hill, Louie Donnelly and Ant Hickery.

They recently supported artist Joy Crookes in collaboration with the Ibis music program, shortly before lockdown and self-isolation was required.

Copyright permission granted by Velvet Shakes. From right to left: Ant, Louie, Josh and Scott.

Josh Bithell, frontman and lead guitarist said: “In terms of writing it’s the perfect time,”

He goes on to say: “I’m trying out new things as well, I’m not just focused on it being for the band, in the past I’d write something just for the band but now I’m doing it for when I want to do it. There’s no obligation for it to be just for the band.”

In terms of experimenting, Josh said: “I’ve been doing some acoustic guitar stuff… but also some deep electronic stuff, like both ends of the spectrum.

“Just stuff that I’m into, not just stuff for the band. Letting that creativity flow.”

We see an element of this experimentation in the clip of the Lockdown version of their upcoming release ‘Believe it’, filmed and recorded in Josh’s front room.

After uploading this, Josh says: “It’s got a good reception so it’s got me thinking what more we can do with that, so that was just in my front room,

“We just went for it and it turned out really good!

“I’m even thinking of doing something with the band in that scenario or even getting other bands and filming them”

He goes on to say: “BBC introducing Manchester got in touch after that as well, so I’m currently in the process of putting a set together for them a week on Saturday, same sort of set up, 3 or 4 tunes, so there’s definitely more of that coming through,”

“It’s going to be a bit of challenge I think but I’m up for it, I’ll make it work hopefully”

Josh went on to talk about the absence of live shows due to lockdown.

“Not that I took gigs for granted, but I definitely won’t take them for granted in the future.

Once we get out again we’ll be more up for it and hopefully, people will be more up for coming to gigs as well, it could be pretty special”

Their new single ‘Believe it’ will be available for streaming from May 15th, to support them or find out more you can follow them on Instagram @velvetshakesmusic, or on Facebook @yourvelvetshakes.

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