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Charity organisation, Humans MCR, launched its Coronavirus Care Greater Manchester campaign as early as 16 March, one week before the UK lockdown.

The campaign supports those across Greater Manchester who have been affected by the COVID-19 outbreak, including Salford.

A team of Humans MCRs volunteers is working endlessly to deliver food parcels and essential items to those in need of help.

Individuals in Salford receive daily support from the volunteers working for Humans MCR.

Co-founder Lewey Hellewell said: “There isn’t a day goes by where we don’t have a delivery to Salford.

“We have been partnering with a CIC based in Salford, and they make referrals to us.”

A parcel preparing to be shipped to a vulnerable individual. Copyright: Lewey Hellewell.

Humans MCR is partnering with Visit from the Stork CIC to make sure families have enough food and baby essentials around Salford and Greater Manchester.

Rachel Parkinson, Co-founder of Humans MCR and director of Visit from the Stork CIC, said: “Some of our service users require both services.

“So if that transpires to be the case, we will refer to each other.”

She continued: “Since I work for both Humans MCR and Visit from the Stork CIC, we tend to see the same professionals referring clients to both services.”

Mr Hellewell explains what actions Humans MCR is taking to protect those most vulnerable during the COVID-19 pandemic:

Humans MCR is also finding great ways to raise money for their Coronavirus Care Greater Manchester campaign.

Angela Henderson, a glass artist from Settle Glass Studio in North Yorkshire, is designing rainbow light catchers for Humans MCR.

Mr Hellewell said: “Angela was aware of our campaign, and like so many people, wanted to do something to help.

“She has been making rainbows for sometime, and as they became the motif for supporting communities, she decided to make and sell them on our behalf.”

He continued: “Every single penny of Angela’s profit goes directly to Humans MCR.

“They are such a poignant way to let someone know you are thinking of them.”

Humans MCR also has a GoFundMe page to continue to meet the needs of the most vulnerable people across Greater Manchester.

Mr Hellewell said: “Each penny raised goes to delivering food for the vulnerable, so we are continuing to raise funds this way while we try to secure funding from other sources.

“Each cash donation we get means so much to us as an organisation because we can do so much with £1.”

He continued: “It is a constant challenge to try and keep the funds topped up, but we wouldn’t be here if we thought it was going to be easy.

“In some way, it is not about what the donations mean to us; it is what they mean to the people who receive them.

“We get messages everyday telling us how happy they are that their children can go to bed on a full stomach or thanking us for being able to respond to their needs so quickly.”

More donations ready to distribute to the individuals across Greater Manchester. Copyright: Lewey Hellewell.

If you wish to donate to help Humans MCRs cause, please head over to their GoFundMe page.

If you know anyone in Salford or Greater Manchester who needs assistance from Humans MCR and, or Visit the Stork CIC, please visit their Facebook pages to message them directly.

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