FromFarm2Fork Salford

Ben Robinson has set up a food and essentials delivery service that uses local suppliers for residents in Salford and Greater Manchester.

When lockdown first began in April, FromFarm2Fork was one of the first to mobilise food delivery in Salford acting as the first responders for vulnerable people whose lives’ had been drastically put on halt.

“We realised after my tradesman job halted that, everyone needs food, so what can we do about it? Right well, we’ve got a van and staff, let’s put something together” Ben said as he managed to speak to during his deliveries.

Ben’s website business allowed for easy set-up before moving attention towards the inner workings of running a food distribution operation.

“It was just me at the beginning but then my partner noticed how busy I was getting and agreed to help and staff from my dog walking business came to pitch in and now things are starting to go, maybe not easier, but smoother.”

“It’s settling down a bit now. The initial bit building all the infrastructure, making sure we had enough fridges and freezers and everything else that we needed.

“That was a bit challenging.”

Fromfarm2fork’s products include fruit, veg, meat, and household essentials.

Hygiene was a top priority for Ben from the start “We got loads of cleaning products and sanitised the whole van and equipment we use”.

The use of contact-less delivery has also minimised the risk of infection from transportation.

Worries of product-sourcing were present for Ben in the beginning.

However, he was humbled by the cooperation from the local farms “It was nice how willing the suppliers were to help out really and there’s a real sense of community at the moment.”

Ben (right) delivering to Phil (left) owner of the Monton Lighthouse

“The most recent buzz is from the flowers definitely; people are buying them alongside their shopping now and their biscuits or such. So they’re getting a mixture of  both now.”

Ben is striving to find new quality items and plans for expansion soon with hopes of a new headquarters to work from.

“I’ve been looking at units today to hopefully, you know, and we’ve been trying to go down the organic route with some of our products already promoting that.”

Recently the Hollyoaks actress Jorgie Porter shared using the service on her Instagram. The Monton-born star captioned it saying “@fromfarm2forkdeliveries have sent the best lockdown bundle EVER”

To find out more about Fromfarm2fork services and see if it delivers to your area check out the website here and follow them on instagram: @fromfarm2forkdeliveries

Thanks to Ben Robinson for giving image permissions

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