Free online meditation classes to support those who are vulnerable during lockdown are being offered in Salford.

Meditation has often been described as a way to relax and focus more in-depth on a calm situation.

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Research has shown that meditation can help people to handle negative feelings and emotions better by focusing their mind for a period of time.

However, with these past few weeks being anything but calm, apps like Headspace have reached many new users. But do any of us know how to properly meditate and how we can unlock the full benefits?

An insight into the different types of meditation available

The Resonance Centre is a Greater Manchester service that prides itself on delivering classes and activities that help to improve mental health.

Its aim is to unite the community and make a positive change in people’s lives just through their classes alone.

Where The Resonance Centre is based

The centre focuses on giving people the support they need and arranges one-to-one sessions and chats to fully understand each member better.

Members of these sessions are then given personalised classes so they can feel the full benefits physically as well as mentally.

Instructor Juanita Margerison said: “I was a complete workaholic… I was an insomniac and I was permanently switched on.”

Before her lifestyle changes, Juanita spoke about how the impact and stress of day to day life affected her health.

Juanita describes her turnaround as “life changing” as it unlocked so many benefits for her personally; a reason why she so driven in teaching and helping others.

However, with the sudden lockdown keeping everyone trapped indoors, Juanita was forced to act fast to help those that struggle with mental health.

A screenshot of the zoom links available on their Facebook page

This led to her launching the free 12 classes a week over the platforms Zoom and YouTube. Previously a technophobe, Juanita spoke about how she had to “knuckle down” in order to put these services out there.

Not only has this been effective for the team at the centre, it has also proven beneficial for the users.

Juanita said that members are telling her the benefits they are feeling even after one session. She has received many messages after classes telling her ‘You’ve really raised my spirits actually, it’s just nice to see another human being’.

A post from Facebook about their Zoom session

These sessions are giving people motivation and helping them communicate.

The main target for these classes aside from mental health is a connection with a community.

Juanita explained that many people feel isolated and lonely during these times.

She said: “We try to make it so there is one thing on every single day of the week so if someone is struggling… there is at least something.”

If you or someone you know would benefit from these meditation classes you can contact Juanita over The Resonance Centre Facebook page.

Or you can visit their website by clicking here

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