live sport Lime Bar Salford

The Lime Bar, in Salford Quays, has re-opened it’s doors and welcomed back thirsty patrons.

The bar provides a full menu, a bar, and a seat for all the biggest sports fixtures going.

Their situation provides an interesting look at how popular sports bars are going to have to adapt if they want to thrive in the ‘new normal’.

How did you find lockdown?
Lockdown was a challenge as expected but we managed to diversify towards the end, opening up for takeaway food and drinks, people were able to enjoy our menu in the comfort of their own home with a pint of draught beer in hand.

Tell us about reopening and any changes you’ve had to make.
Re-opening has been brilliant so far and we’ve been blown away with the support from our customers. We were aware of the concerns people would have coming out to restaurants and bars again, so along with our Lime ‘house rules’ which reflect government guidelines we had a specialist company come in and spray the restaurant, bar & kitchen with a ‘disinfectant fog’ which ensures all surfaces will remain 100% bacteria free for 28 days and counting.

What has the response of customers been so far?
Re-opening has been brilliant so far and we’ve been blown away with the support from our customers. The response has been overwhelming and emotional at times, we’ve got regulars who’ve been visiting us for 18 years so after months apart it’s like seeing your family and friends again.

Do you feel the government has done enough to help businesses?
It’s such a tough question to answer, we think the government have done what they can to help as many businesses as possible. Lime was unfortunately not entitled to a government grant or any assistance but the introduction of the lower VAT on food and soft drinks sales has been a tremendous boost for us.

What are the challenges facing restaurants over the next few months?
The challenges have begun already, in our opening week we had an unfortunate amount of customers making bookings and not showing up for tables that could have been booked out time and time again – we were turning people away when in fact we could have accommodated them.

live sport Lime Bar Salford

Do you have any specific plans for the future?
For the minute, we’re focusing on great food & great customer service to encourage people to dine out with us. Hopefully it won’t be long until other sporting fixtures & events resume so we have more showing on screens & we can’t wait to start reintroducing our live music & DJ events again.

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Tell us about the new menu.
Our head chef made use of the time closed to work on creating our best menu yet, LIME Smoke & Sushi. Now guests will be able to dine from a fusion of both American smokehouse classics such as burgers, ribs, wings & nachos alongside freshly rolled sushi, sashimi and pan-Asian dishes. We’ll still be family focused at the same time as providing something for those here to watch the sports on screens or visit the cinema and theatre.

What’s selling best?
Bar trade has always been incredibly busy, we’ve a huge selection of beers, cocktails & spirits along with the largest outdoor terrace on the Quays to make use of. On sunny days it means we’re very busy but now we’re really pleased to see more people dining alongside drinks and trying something new form the sushi menu.

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