Vero Moderno Salford

Salford has a great many restaurants serving cuisine from all over the world.

Covid-19 has been ruthless in shutting down all kinds of businesses, and just as things seemed to be opening up again, Greater Manchester has been hit with another lockdown.

Vero Moderno, on Chapel Street in Salford, is a modern Italian restaurant. Management has had to change the layout completely to comply with “1 metre minimum rules” and the about-to-commence “Eat out to help out” scheme launched by the Government.

Vero Moderno Salford
Pasta from Vero Moderno. Image credit: Vero Moderno

How did you personally find lockdown – and how was it from a business perspective?

Personally, for me it was ok, it gave me time to think about life from a different perspective.

Business-wise was difficult and very challenging.

Tell us about reopening and any changes you’ve had to make.

We had to change the layout of our floor plan due to “1m plus” social distancing requirements, carry out a risk assessment and adjust all business operations accordingly.

We are following all the latest and updated government guildelines including “track and trace” people for the NHS.

We have also started doing deliveries and collections.

What has the response of customers been so far? Any specific stories?

Customers responses have been really good so far, one funny story was a guy dreaming about our pizza Diavola during his lockdown

Do you get any sense that people are thinking and shopping more locally?

We always had this feeling as we have a great amount of regulars and followers but now it feels enhanced indeed: support has been remarkable.

Do you feel the government has done enough to help businesses?

Yes and no: something better should have been done toward rents or push it with insurances (they refused claims for interruption of business) as we were obliged to close by Government we were left to deal with this.

Sunshine & pizza are 🤞

We are open 4pm – 9:30pm – we also offer our takeaway pizza deal on Sundays, info can be found…

Posted by Vero Moderno on Sunday, 2 August 2020

What are the challenges facing restaurants over the next few months?

It will require a complete new approach to operations at 360 degrees for what we can control.

The rest will be up to the public and economy in general.

Do you have any specific plans for the future?

Many plans for the future are in the pipeline but I feel it will be crucial to adjust and adapt ourselves as business during these unprecedented times in order to survive.

What’s selling best?

Pastas and Pizzas

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