North West workers

New research shows that nearly half of workers in the North West would rather work the weekend if it meant getting Friday off.

Why do 47% of workers in the North West want to work the weekend?

The global pandemic introduced obstacles many workplaces had never anticipated, including the question of flexible working.

Many people had their working week so Rovva conducted a survey* of over 1,000 UK employees to find out how people felt about flexible working, and how the working week would look if it were up to them.

In the North West:

47% of those surveyed would choose to have Friday off instead
Over 2 million would prefer mornings over afternoons and evenings.
Over 1 million (35%) of those surveyed said they believe their choices would benefit their productivity much more, compared to the regular 9-5.
Nearly 1 million said their mental health would improve with a more flexible working schedule.

Seeing how key flexibility is, Rovva asked if they would prefer a job that paid more, or a job that offered more flexibility.

58% of workers in the North West said they’d choose the job that let them choose their own work schedule, with only 10% being unsure.

A full breakdown of the data, including what other regions across the UK said can be accessed here.

The figures showed that the majority of people across the UK chose to split up their two days off and have Mondays (43%) and Fridays (48%), when given the flexibility to choose.

Jon Abrahams from Rovva, said: “Coronavirus has thrown many people a curveball, with households having to quickly adapt to new circumstances in all aspects of their lives.

“Our research shows that flexibility is key for several workers and we hope that the majority of UK employers will be able and happy to offer flexibility to their employees to support their productivity and loyalty.”

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