Salford-based clothing brand Kintsugi are set to release their new all-inclusive ‘Jess’ dress in time for rheumatoid arthritis awareness week on September 7.

The company develops a broad catalogue of inclusive clothing for women and their garments aim to provide a wider variety of clothing for those with disabilities. The brand boasts a range of innovative designs and features that make dressing easier and more comfortable. 

The new ‘Jess’ dress [pictured above] was designed to include a series of discreet Velcro tabs, behind a row of non-functional buttons to assist those who struggle with dexterity when getting dressed. However, the animal-print dress still keeps up with current fashion trends.

The dress is comfortable and fashionable, also featuring two front pockets and the omission of internal labelling to prevent sensory irritation. 

32-year-old Kintsugi founder Emma McClelland breaks the norms of modern fashion brands and promotes a more inclusive message. I interviewed Emma about her campaign, the new dress, her business successes and more. 



For more information on the Jess dress campaign visit the Indiegogo page.

Or alternatively, visit Kintsugi’s website.

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