The New Bailey development project in Salford has collaborated with 0161 Community to create an art installation for the NHS.

Photo by New Bailey

The vibrant mural of the Manchester worker bee features on the Mark Addy pub, in New Bailey Street, Salford, as a tribute to the hard work of NHS staff.

Artist Jahoer Seph, who primarily lead the project, said: “The art we created is in a really prominent area. If you’re walking past you can’t miss it!”

Photo by New Bailey

Salford City Mayor Paul Dennett praised the mural which brightens up the area.

He said: “A big thank you and well done goes out to all the community who have contributed to this piece of artwork … the message could not be more fitting.”

New Bailey teamed up with 0161 Community to design the mural and hopes to work together in the future.

The collaboration has been an exciting opportunity for the team to brighten up the former pub which was forced out of business by flooding and sits empty in a prominent position just over the river from the People’s History Museum.

0161 coordinator, Joe Chlebik said: “We’re hoping people will see this, reach out and get involved with the 0161 community.”

0161 Community works across Greater Manchester bringing local youths together and encouraging them to take control of their neighbourhoods.

The community offers young people opportunities to develop essential skills with activities such as Muay Thai, graffiti and documentary-making classes.

0161 offers support for youngsters to keep them off the streets and find new activities.

Since March, children across Manchester faced the closure of schools and social distancing measures.

Activities that 0161 Community held were put on hold as the nation were put on a strict lockdown.

“We can’t wait to be back in a room with the kids from 0161 doing what we love,” says Chlebik.

The group hopes to see a return in face-to-face activities as lockdown measures ease.

The return of activities is welcomed as many reports suggest the wellbeing of children across the UK is deteriorating.

According to the Children’s Society report from July, 1 in 5 children is unhappy since the pandemic.

Its chief executive Mark Russell said: “Urgent action is needed now as we recover from coronavirus to reset how we support children’s well-being.”

The same organisation reported in March that 4.2 million children in the UK live in poverty.

Statistics for Salford

Salford has the third highest child poverty in Greater Manchester according to Greater Manchester Poverty Action.

The statistics show how important 0161’s work in communities across Manchester is for young people.

The group is a non-profit organisation funded through donations.

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  1. Stephanie Perrin

    This is a great idea. Well done. It’s a shame that the builders in this area don’t show as much concern for the NHS and the people in the area. Yes guys! You do have to wear a mask when you go in the local shops. Your hi-vis jackets don’t count. After all if you don’t wear the correct equipment on site, you’re out.

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