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Sam Palmer, a Salford resident and Head of Development and Innovation at Gaddum Carers service, explains how Gaddum and the carers have coped during Covid-19.

The Gaddum service supports carers from ages five to ninety-five.

The service provides one to one support, running activities and raising awareness for the issues and challenges faced by carers.

During Covid-19 Salford Gaddum have been unable to offer face to face support for their carers.

Mr. Palmer explained: “Its been really difficult in particular for young carers as they really benefit from face to face.”

Gaddum however, moved to running groups online so carers can still get some of the support they need.

New services and elements such as a peer support telephone lines have been put in place so volunteers can ring carers on a regular basis and have a chat.

When asked how carers have coped during lockdown Mr. Palmer said: “for young carers its very challenging they’re not getting the respite they were getting by going to school and seeing their friends sometimes they just feel like they’re caring 24/7.”

they’re caring 24/7

He then added: “also anxiety is around about catching covid-19 or passing it on to the person they care for.”

Greater Manchester has just gone back into a partial lockdown.

Copyright: Sam Palmer Head of Development and Innovation at Salford Gaddum

Mr. Palmer talks about what its been like to be in lockdown then for it to be eased then to back in partial lockdown and how this affected carers in Salford.

He said: “its very worrying for the carers people worried about coming out of lockdown and trying to move back to normal life.”

He added: “then to be told we’re going back into some kind of lockdown so it has been a very worrying and challenging time.”

Although times have been challenging during Covid-19, Mr. Palmer explained they have seen some positive outcomes.

He said: “Salford Council have been amazing and they have set up helplines to help carers through this tough time.”

Mr. Palmer continued: “we’ve had so much support during lockdown for the carers my worry is that when we come out of this, is that all those services and support might disappear and its such a shame because its all worked really well.”

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Answering a question about how the Salford community can learn about the way we care for one another during this pandemic Mr. Palmer had this to say.

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