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Salford Foodbanks have re-opened to help meet the increased demand for food parcels during the Covid-19 pandemic.

The foodbanks opened their doors again on August 4 to allow Salford families to collect their parcels instead of having to rely on delivery.

Mervyn Gledhill, who works as the foodbank coordinator, said: “We have certainly seen an increase in the number of clients coming through.”


“There is quite a significant proportion of the population of Salford that is in financial need.

“That is really where foodbanks come in. It’s for crisis situations, rather than long term support.”

The pandemic has left much of the population worried in case the country falls into a recession.

Mr Gledhill fears this will further increase the demand for food banks and food parcels in Salford, particularly as the furlough system comes to an end.

He said: “We are in a fortunate position of having much greater food stocks than we’ve ever had.

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“The public are incredibly generous.”

Luckily for Salford Foodbank throughout Covid-19 charitable donations and organisations ensured the foodbank can carry on with its work in the community.

Mr Gledhill believes foodbanks are vital especially during this current climate.

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He said: “Foodbanks like ourselves work on a referral system. Clients are referred to us by what we refer to as frontline professionals.

“They can be social or support workers, it is vital they know there is somewhere they can refer people to for food.”

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