Salford 100th birthday

A resident at a Salford Care Home, who will be celebrating her upcoming 100th birthday, has had her celebrations put on hold due to current restrictions put in place across Greater Manchester.

Peggy, as she’s known by her fellow residents and Care Home staff, will be celebrating her 100th Birthday in Salford on the 7th September.

Peggy, a resident at Hope Manor Care Home, who is turning 100 on the 7th September.

A resident of Hope Manor Care Home in Salford, Peggy has lived at the home since March 2019, making many friends and being an active member of Hope Manor. Being asked by several staff members on what she wanted for her Birthday, Peggy enthusiastically asked for a “good knees-up”.

Due to the recent restrictions imposed across Greater Manchester, as well as the added threat of COVID-19 on Care Homes, Hope Manor staff has had to postpone any plans of celebration.

Birthday parties and celebrations for residents are primarily raised by staff and fundraising events run throughout the year. With the focus on the protection of residents and staff, no fundraising events have been able to occur.

As a result, the staff have started a JustGiving crowdfunding page, to raise enough money to cover the costs of supplies for a future celebration once restrictions have been lifted.

With no friends or family being currently allowed to visit Peggy on her Birthday, fellow residents have come up with an idea that allows Peggy to still receive well wishes on her 100th Birthday.

Janice, a fellow resident at Hope Manor Care Home, who created a postbox to allow people to send letters to Peggy.

Janice, a fellow resident of Hope Manor, has recently spent part of her time helping to ensure Peggy can still have an enjoyable birthday celebration.

Janice, who has made a cardboard postbox, decorated with colourful letters and flowers, hopes that the box can be filled with letters for her fellow resident Peggy.

As part of this, staff have recently gone to Facebook, posting details of how the public can send letters to Peggy for her birthday.

Staff at Hope Manor plan to arrange a party in the near future, once current guidelines allow them to safely invite friends and family to the Care Home.

If you want to help donate money towards funding a future Birthday party for Peggy, then you can follow the link here.

If you want to send a letter to Peggy for her Birthday, they can be sent to the address below:

Hope Manor Care Home
220 Eccles Old Road
M6 8AL

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  1. To Peggy happy 100 birthday ! I hope you have a wonderful day because it’s your special day From Tilly

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