Camilo Ribadeneira, Salford Graduate, Photography

Salford photographer Camilo Ribadeneira has worked on multiple films as well as recently having his work featured by Kodak, but who is he?

When we scroll through our Facebook feeds a picture may catch our eye, but we rarely see the people who help capture time for us.

Camilo Ribadeneira is one of those few who have the skill to capture life with a lens.

He’s been sharing photography on his social media channels under the name Life On Pause since 2017.

Ribadeneira wasn’t always set on being a photographer finding his passion for it while studying English and creative writing at Salford University.

He said: “I’ve always had an interest in it from when I was young but had never really paid much attention to it until I was nearing the end of my second year of university.

“I’ve always been a very visual person, the easiest way for me to learn something is to like watch it happen and try it myself alongside, and I’ve always very easily been able to visualise ideas.”

He has also worked as a cinematographer in the past, notably as part of Salford graduate film, ‘Give The People What They Want

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The film, released in February last year, took audiences to the 1950s in a world of picket fences, pretty curls and seemingly perfect smiles.

After being screened at Salford Quays the silent melodrama was screened at theatre festival, Up The North.

Ribadeneira has always had an interest in films, making short films while in high school.

“I loved making little shorts or fun videos with my friends and it was something I always missed doing.

“So doing Give the People What They Want with Jessica Parsons was super fulfilling for me.

“It just felt like I was back to making those fun little videos but on a much larger scale and with the people that I’m closest to.”

Since working on the film he has continued to work with people from the project.

Filmed on the hills over Macclesfield, Ribadeneira makes the picturesque landscape look that little bit better.

With Parsons’ directing skills and his expert eye, Birthday is sure to be a compelling watch upon release.

Aside from his cinematography skills, he’s also recently had his work featured by Kodak Professionals.

The Instagram account, which boasts more than 5,000 followers, has shared pictures from across the globe.

A quick scroll through Kodak’s page will show you snapshots of everyday life: a bride holding a rose bouquet, a corgi lying peacefully in the garden & a protester’s fist raised to the sky.

Now Ribadeneira’s work will be joining them.

His series of photographs takes us to the city of Faiyum, in Egypt, where Camilo visited his family last January.

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Speaking about what inspired the photographs, he said: “I was really drawn to the landscape and the architecture of the area and felt the need to document it.

“Some of the images in the series were shot on digital so obviously those aren’t gonna be featured but I did create a zine I’d like to put out soon.”

His relationship with photography has linked a lot to his family with him travelling around the world to Egypt, Bangladesh and Ghana due to his father’s work with the Red Cross.

“I really enjoy documenting different places and really extracting the personality of a city through its different aspects.

“Whether that’s like the architecture, the art, the people, the landscapes, and stuff like that.

“I like being able to capture the feel of a place the way I see it and express that through my images.”

His grandfather was also a photographer, which he believes had a massive effect on him.

“My grandpa was a photographer as well so I was around it from a very young age and that probably played a big part in me taking an interest.”

In the future, he hopes to release prints of his work as well as teaching at a university level.

“I really enjoy talking about my craft, getting people into it and helping them along with that.

“For me, photography has never been about gaining commercial success. I’m very into the artistic side of it and maintaining integrity. That’s an ideology I like to follow when working on projects.

“From that as my future goal, I’d eventually like to teach at university level and help people along their artistic path.”

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