SEVEN BRO7HERS brewery in Salford have partnered with Chicago Town to release a new IPA, the Show Me The Honey beer.

A family business, all seven of the McAvoy brothers are involved, and their four sisters also run their own company, SIS4ERS Distillery. As the largest family of siblings internationally in the alcohol industry, there was naturally some competition between the two. 

“SIS4ERS were originally distilling gin in our spare office space, but it got to the point where they wanted to move out,” said Keith McAvoy, who is one of the founders and co-owners of SEVEN BRO7HERS. “They’re not too far away, though. We’re actually still by each other at the same industrial estate.”

In line with Chicago Town launching the Sweet Honey BBQ Salami, the Show Me The Honey beer pairs with the flavour profiles of the pizza.

Speaking about how the collaboration came about, Keith said; “it came about through the Chicago Town PR team. They were a fan of our stuff with a honeycomb ale we did before, and they said they’d love to collaborate.”

Creating the beer itself, however, was no easy feat. “It’s notoriously difficult to brew with honey, as it’s very difficult to ferment,” said Keith.

“Often ales can lose their flavour profiles through the brewing process, but we’ve really nailed it, and given it a honeycomb taste. It’s like a liquid crunchie.”

And this isn’t the first time that SEVEN BRO7ERS have collaborated with companies making Craft Ales. A previous collaboration with Kellogg’s yielded three ales, the Throw IT Away IPA, the Cast Off Pale Ale, and the Sling It Out Stout . 

“It’s really exciting to collaborate with companies like this,” said Keith. “In the batches with Kellogg’s, we’d upcycle what they would have had to throw away, and brew with that.

“The craft beer industry is eclectic and experimental. We make beers which we actually like to drink, and it’s great to be challenged like this.”

If you’d like to purchase the Show Me The Honey IPA, or any other of the SEVEN BRO7HERS beers, their website can be found here.

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