Circuit The Lowry

Circuit is a visual exploration into black excellence, human connection and astronomy taking place at The Lowry.

Circuit heads to The Lowry this weekend for an outdoor dance and circus production on The Lowry’s waterfront.

The show consists of 3 performances; First, Humanhood: Sphera, the exploration of astronomy through dance. Second, Ockams Razor: Together, a piece about the human desire for connection. Lastly, Joseph Toonga: Born to Protest, a hip-hop dance piece curated by Joseph to highlight black excellence.

Credit:Sphera 1062
Image sourced from The Lowry Flickr.

The Lowry is preparing to reopen and begin holding events again after the postponement of many shows due to COVID-19.

The open-air performance will take place no matter the weather and The Lowry encourage you to dress appropriately. There will be a limited cover for both the audience and performers and The Lowry do advise against umbrellas so all the audience can see and the show.

Circuit heads to The Lowry this weekend and tickets are certain to sell out so get hold of them quickly via The Lowry’s website here.

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