IGNITION is an eco project that plans to invest into the nature of Greater Manchester over a 3 year long process to help avert the impacts of climate change.

The project has a backing of €4.5 million from the EU’s Urban Innovation Action and the support of 12 partners from local governments, universities, NGOs and businesses of which includes University of Salford and Salford City Council.

Salford being placed at the forefront of the project along with Manchester.

The project has set milestones for what it calls it’s “phase 1” of the project. Identifying the issues of an Urban environment and putting measure in place to prevent urban climate-related issues such as flooding, drought and heat waves.

See the source image
Receding river in Abberton, Essex due to Drought. Image taken by Glyn Baker

Their aim is to put it’s first major environmental project into action in Greater Manchester with the funding as model designs have already developed.

Through data gathered by the project on what worked best in an Urban environment they had determined that their were multiple benefits from these bases:

  • green walls
  • street trees
  • urban green space
  • green roofs
  • sustainable drainage systems.
See the source image
Model design of an Urban dockside green space environment. Created by William J. Clinton Foundation

As of October 2020, the project was estimated to fund and transport their pipeline framework for phase 1 with the help of Greater Manchester Governance however they had exceeded their own expectation.

Construction of phase 2 was agreed to begin 21st September and be completed in December of 2020 by the campaign manager Jennifer Lane.

More information on the project is available on the University of Salford Website and on the Greater Manchester green city website –



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