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Mayor of Salford Paul Dennett says that the takeover of Media City’s The Landing by INO4.0 Group will help the local economy.

Digital and innovation services business IN4.0 Group has taken over MediaCityUK’s hub for high-growth technology and digital start-ups, scale-ups and SMEs, in what Mayor Dennett says is a positive step forward for the city.

He added: “They will bring in their expertise and talent to help grow small and medium sized businesses with all the support they need under one roof at MediaCityUK.”

Led by entrepreneurs, Mo Isap and Andy Beaden, the firm will work to create a Connected Cities Innovation Lab focusing on commercialising research and development, creating new applications for technology and making adoption more accessible and affordable for businesses.

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Mo Isap, CEO of IN4.0 Group and co-chair of the Greater Manchester Local Enterprise Partnership, said: “Digital technology today is the backbone of all industries, regardless of the nature and type of business.

“The Covid-19 pandemic has highlighted many inequalities which we will be addressing head on.

“One of our primary objectives is to create the most diverse and inclusive innovation community.”

In an attempt to promote diversity in the industry, IN4.0 is prioritising female and minority-led enterprises. It plans to do this by creating tailored programmes and mentorships to break barriers.

Mo Isap said: “This deliberately ensures that social value is on a par with economic value so that all citizens young and old in the region will have the opportunity to succeed and break new ground in our districts.

“This is an ambition we share unequivocally with Salford City Council.”

According to The Alison Rose Review of Female Entrepreneurship, only one in three UK entrepreneurs is female.



Third year Digital Business student at the University of Salford, Matthew Brown, aspires to join the digital technology industry after graduating.

Matthew said: “It’s so exciting to see organisations like this pushing for development in the industry, especially in these uncertain times.

“I feel inspired by the work of IN4.0. I’m really looking forward to joining such a progressive industry.”

Mo Isap said: “MediaCityUK is a leading destination for the digital, tech and creative media industries – we will further augment this reputation to attract the best businesses and talent globally.

“It is our intention to be a major catalyst towards achieving Greater Manchester’s innovation ambitions and thus ensuring the UK leads in the Fourth Industrial Revolution.”

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