Since March, the performing arts industry has been put on hold due to Covid-19, but now, a local theatre company is bringing live shows back to Salford.

Whilst in lockdown, Northern Lights Theatre Company have produced a new play called ‘Back to Ours’ which is guaranteed to take its audience on a trip down memory lane.

‘Back to Ours’ is based in Manchester and sheds light on the issues that many were faced with in the 1980’s.

Dan Hardman, Co-Producer and Director of ‘Back to Ours’, said: “It’s a very nostalgic play that highlights on social issues of discrimination, sexuality, and the HIV/AIDS crisis in the late 80’s’.

The play puts spotlight on a teenage boy called Ollie and follows his journey with his friends and family and his own battles with HIV and AIDS.

The cast rehearsing for the production of ‘Back to Ours’. Copyright Adil Ladha.

As well as tackling social issues the play also shares a glimpse of the late 80’s nightlife and the famous Hacienda.

Stephen Clarkson, Co-Producer and Director of ‘Back to Ours’ said: “The way I put it, it’s either going to be an education for some people to learn about the 80’s or it’s going to bring back a lot of memories”.

Antonia Veitch, who plays Jess, Ollie’s best friend in the production said: “The play is fun and exciting, and it will take people on a journey back to the 80’s”.

Copyright Daniel Hardam.

A story of ‘love, loss and nostalgia’

‘Back to Ours’ was originally meant to be performed in June, but Covid-19 put the production on hold.

Daniel Hardman said: “We were in our second week of rehearsals when we got the news from Boris that we were going into lockdown and so alarm bells started ringing in our heads like what do we do now?”.

In order to keep the production up and running the cast took part in ‘I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here’ challenges which saw them covered in bugs and slime in order to raise money for the self-funded company.

As a result of the fundraiser, £1000 was made to support the production.


Copyright Daniel Hardman.

John Jones, who plays Ollie’s dad in the production said: “A lot of effort has gone into ‘Back To Ours’, it’s a good snapshot of an era which many people don’t know a great deal about”.

Victoria Connolly, who plays Ollie’s mum, added: “The play is also beautifully written, and the music is fantastic, the audience will love it”.

Copyright Daniel Hardman.
Copyright Adil Ladha.

The show is coming to Salford on October 23, 24, and 25 at The Empty Space, Footlights House, Media City.

The play is rated 15+ and covid-secure measures have been put into place to ensure a safe environment for the audience.

A track and trace system will also be in use.

Tickets are now on sale on their website.

For more information you can follow Northern Lights Theatre on Instagram and Facebook.

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