Following the Prime Minister’s announcement on Monday, a new 3-tier system was introduced meaning that there will be tailored restrictions for each local area.

Greater Manchester was categorised into tier 2 which meant that pubs and restaurants would not be required to close. Salfords covid situation remains unchanged.

However, the national rules such as the 10 pm curfew and the rule of six are still in place.

Some members of the Salford community expressed that they are relieved to be in a tier-2 area as the closing of pubs and bars would put people’s jobs in a place of uncertainty.

Despite this, the 10 pm curfew is still largely being frowned upon by Salfordians.

One person said: “I don’t think the curfew has worked because they’re all going into the off-licences as the Tescos here are 24-hour ones, buying loads of booze, and they’re out on the street partying.

“If they [pubs] stay open to half 11/ 12 pm like they normally would, by the time they come out, everyone’s had enough.”

Congestion amongst crowds of people walking or using public transport shortly after 10 pm is the main concern for the people in Salford with covid.

On social media it appears that other members of the public are conflicted about the recent announcement.

The business owner of The Treehouse Cafe, Eliska Krutilova, 30, explained how she had plans in place for the possibility of Salford falling into the category of tier 3.

These plans include a delivery service to compliment the businesses’ takeaway option.

Eliska said: “At the moment, we can’t really offer people as many tables and chairs as we could so we are thinking about doing some sort of outdoor area as well to offer more seating as we are really really busy.

“We, now, can only have 14-16 people inside so this has really affected us.”

Also within Eliska’s positive reaction, she praised Boris Johnson for making things more clear, describing the latest announcement from the prime minister as ‘very helpful’.

The owner also expressed that she was grateful for the eat out to help out scheme back in September.

“We are quite busy anyway so we didn’t really even need this big help and we are really sorry to the businesses that really did need that help more than us.

“We are trying to support little businesses as well.”

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