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A couple from Ordsall who present for Salford City Radio are now presenting their own show from home.

Jane Wood and Mike Scantlebury are used to being in the radio studio but for the last few months have been presenting a show which teaches people who are self-isolating to grow their own food.

Jane said: “Our focus now is a green-growing thing so we’re asking about growing food, people have a new interest in gardening and growing stuff on windowsills. That’ll be the focus for the next few months.”

The pair have been with Salford City Radio since it opened in 2007 though both have experience in radio.

Mike commented: “In 2007, the government decided that they would issue community radio licences to cities or community areas. Salford put in and as we had the experience, we got a full time licence.

“So me and Jane were able to put our names down and we were allocated an hour of the week. We did it live for a while when the radio kicked off.

“It was a slow start because there weren’t enough people at first but they soon came in. So they had to do things like limited hours in the day and then run an automatic system at night. And gradually they managed to put up shows 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. And we’ve just celebrated our 13th anniversary.”

The radio presenters are currently having to pre-record their programme from home due to restrictions, though both are passionate about helping people out within the current circumstances.

Topics of their recent episodes have included planting seeds indoors to grow for food.

Both Scantlebury and Wood have a clear passion for their community, as reflected in their projects.

Mike is also a writer, and they often turn topics they are passionate about into poems and songs.

Image Credit: Jane Wood

On other lockdown related projects, Scantlebury added: “I’m working with Ordsall Trust and we’ve been given some lottery money to go and interview people about their experiences during lockdown and share that information.

“So obviously one of the ways of sharing that information is we interview people, we edit up little snippets, put it on CDs and we hand it out to people in the area. But also, we can put those snippets on our radio show.”

Jane and Mike’s show ‘Green Giraffes & Worms’ can be heard every Wednesday from 11am on Salford City Radio.

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  1. Mike Scantlebury

    Thanks for the promo, mate. We usually don’t like blowing our own trumpet, so glad you’ve got the mouthpiece!

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