Salford tier 2

Salford has been placed under Tier 2 of the Boris Johnson’s new three tier system for Covid-19 restrictions.

The system, which classifies tier two as ‘High’ but not the Tier 3 ‘Very High’ means that restrictions remain mostly the same, except that people can now meet in groups of six or less in private gardens.

Household mixing is still banned indoors, and bars will still shut at 10pm.

Image credit: Chris Foster Photography.

Greater Manchester Mayor Andy Burnham, welcomed the new measures, tweeting: “This is the right decision and we’re glad the Government has listened.”

However, in the same tweet, he criticised the lack of financial support being offered to areas under restriction. He added: “But any restrictions will lead to loss of trade for businesses and challenges for councils. The PM must give all areas under restrictions full financial support. Anything less will see them levelled down.”

Barbara Keeley, Worsley and Eccles South MP, echoed Mr Burnham’s criticism of the reduced provisions for workers effected by restrictions.

She tweeted: “As thousands of businesses face additional restrictions, the Government is offering workers a 33% wage cut and no support at all for supply chain businesses. This is not good enough, and the Government must act to avoid further job losses and hardship.”

Apart from Ms Keeley’s criticism, there has still been no direct reaction from any of the three Salford MPs, or Salford City Mayor Paul Dennett.

In a poll taken by Salford Now, it was revealed that 58 percent of voters did not think the pubs should close.

Speaking in the House of Commons Boris Johnson clarified that restrictions on areas will be reviewed every four weeks and that areas will not be locked down indefinitely. He added that the restrictions currently in place are suppressing the R rate below its natural level of three “which is why the virus is not spreading as quickly as it did in March – but we need to go further.”

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