The Stoptober campaign aims to reduce the alarmingly high smoking rate in Salford, Greater Manchester.

Quit smoking and breathe – Let’s do this

Salford Royal NHS Foundation get involved in “STOPTOBER” organised by Public Health England.

This campaign is to encourage smokers to quit by doing a 28-day sober trial.

More than 1 in 5 adults of the population in Salford are smokers. This is about 21% of the population. Compared to the national average of 15% in England, this is relatively high.

The affects of smoking – Gracilia Baruc

Following pandemic measures, the tobacco industry reported on a rise in use of nicotine products. BLU, a vaping company surveyed 2,028 people and the results showed that because of lockdown changes, numbers for nicotine intake rose.

Every year, the Stoptober campaign supports individual smokers to quit to reduce smoking rates and improve population health.

Salford Royal NHS encourage Greater Manchester residents to get involved.

Dr. Evison outlines the damages smoking causes to every organ.

Arlyse Likibi, a 20-year-old student from Liverpool, currently living in Salford has been a smoker for the past two years. She is participating in this campaign to prevent being at risk of lung cancer, diabetes, and heart disease.

In an interview Likibi said “I think the stress of the pandemic encouraged my old smoking habits again. Staying in all the time, and not being able to have the freedom I am used to put a lot of stress on me and smoking became my escape route.”

Arlyse Likibi – Stoptober Campaign participant

Likibi spent around £120 a month on cigarettes and vapes, a habit she wants to break free from with the support of Stoptober. She said “I have family, friends, and a small business to look after. I can deal with my mental stress some other way, a healthier way.”

Free kits are available to recipients who must be ages 18+ and living in Greater Manchester. The NHS have made it easier to track progress with the free STOPTOBER app.

This helps you track your progress, get daily support from trained advisors and see how much you’re saving.

Outside of this campaign, the Salford Royal NHS, and Salford City Council continue to support individuals that are in need of help to go sober and quit smoking or other addictions. Stoptober is emphasizing the importance  your health and well being.



for more information on how to seek help to quit smoking visit Stoptober NHS

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