Salford-based Emmaus say they are struggling to cope with the rise in demand in emergency accommodation and believe the government can do more to help.

Emmaus Salford is just one of 29 Emmaus communities across the whole of the UK and aim to provide shelter, food and work for the homeless.

Unfortunately, the charity has struggled during the recent months due to the current pandemic.

Emmaus Salford is calling on the government to do more to help the homeless and accuses them of complacency as time has gone on.

Emmaus Community Director Rachel Richardson says:  a great start but what they need to do is to continue to do this; not just close down the services.”

“There’s been a rise in demand for emergency accommodation.

“At the beginning, when they (the government) got the streets cleared, that was good”.

She adds: “It just showed at the beginning of the pandemic what you can achieve and what we need to achieve by pulling people off the streets.”

Also, in recent months, another homelessness charity named Shelter had announced that 20,000 renters across Greater Manchester at risk of losing their homes.

In Salford alone there are already 1088 homeless people, according to Greater Together Manchester which helps to co-ordinate anti-poverty work across Greater Manchester and Rossendale.


The Salford Emmaus Charity Shop For The Homeless

The Emmaus house building provides a home and 40 hours per week of meaningful work for homeless people, who they refer to as their ‘companions’.

This charity supports more than 800 formerly homeless people and they hope to increase their capacity to 1000 rooms within this year.

However, they have had to make changes to cater to the needs of the homeless during the current and unpredictable circumstances.

“For anybody showing symptoms we have got a self-isolation pod and we have got access to testing.

“At the end of the day we will always meet the needs of our people before anything else.

“We give them a purpose and we give them a reason to get up,” says Rachel.

The Emmaus Charity quotes: “We don’t just offer a bed for the night. We offer a home for as long as someone needs it, as well as meaningful work in our social enterprises,” on their website.


She adds: “To see that person grow is just the best thing that you can see for a person. It is just amazing.”

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