Salford brown water

Residents in Salford have expressed their dissatisfaction after spending 24 hours with discoloured tap water.

United Utilities says the water, which is tinged brown and yellow, is safe to drink so residents do not need to be concerned.

The discolouration has come from a build-up of sediment and minerals in its pipes, and it insists it is “unlikely to be harmful”.

However, the people of Salford feel differently.

One resident, Nathan Lynch, of Cadishead, was about to bathe his young child last night when he realised the water had changed colour.

Image Credit: Nathan Lynch

He said: “It’s mucky, and when I emptied the bottom of my bath there was loads of bits on the bottom of the bath.

“Even now it’s not running clean.”

Mr Lynch says he has moved temporarily to his nan’s house in Broughton as he doesn’t feel comfortable using the water, despite the fact United Utilities insists it is safe.

Andy Farrow, of Eccles, explained that it is still “very much brown”.

United Utilities advises residents to run their water until it is clear. It is working to stop the discolouration that’s been caused by sediments and minerals.

The latest from United Utilities is available here.

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