Foundation 92

Salford families are to benefit from a brand new partnership between Foundation 92, the independent charity of Salford City FC, and the Bupa Foundation.

This brand new health improvement programme will see families in Salford being given the aid to live longer, healthier and happier lives.

The Bupa Foundation has pledged a grant of £15,000 to support the programme, which is directly supporting local families by helping and encouraging them to make healthier and more positive lifestyle changes.

Ryan Giggs, former Manchester United Player, believes this is the best time to approach the families in need.

He said: “basically its about helping families, who are maybe showing early signs of getting on the wrong track, lack of exercise, unhealthy lifestyles, and really catching it at an important stage”.


Over a 12 month period, 40 families will be referred to the programme. The families are all referred by a range Foundation 92’s partners, including Salford Youth Service and Salford Health Improvement Service. Each family will be given 6-10 weeks on the scheme.

Foundation 92 and Bupa have set aside a budget for those families needing the full 10 weeks to learn as much as they can.

The aid will model each family to their own needs and will host a variety of themes and different topics, ranging from mental health, diet and nutrition. All families will also receive free weekly healthy meal packs so they can continue their education when at home.

Foundation 92 want to teach these families something new, and not reinforce health and well-being tactics they already know or don’t struggle with.

Matt Agnew, Operations and Development Manager of Foundation 92, shared why he believes this is beneficial to the families of Salford. He stated: “you only have to look at the stats and figures of mental health here in Salford, families here need this help, it’s going to have such a wide impact.”

Mr Agnew wanted to give personal thanks to Bupa Foundation, saying “it’s a pilot programme, and we hope we can prove its success so we can role out the programme even further. Thank you to Bupa Foundation.”

Dependent on local restrictions, the programme will start to roll out at the start of November. The Bupa Foundation and Foundation 92 want to do this in the safest way possible, and make sure every family involved feels safe and comfortable.

Head of Foundation 92 Tom Hutton said: “Together with Bupa Foundation, we’re committed to providing Salford residents with the chance to make healthy and positive lifestyle changes.

“With the launch of this innovative programme, Foundation 92’s dedicated Health Improvement Officers will provide families facing hardship and inequality, often through no fault of their own, with the opportunity to take part in an educational experience that will hopefully lead to a healthier lifestyle.”

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