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The health and care system in Salford are beginning to reshape its future, but they need your help.

‘Salford’s Big Reset Conversation’ will run over the next three months, encouraging residents of Salford to get involved by completing a short survey to help understand what is working well and what can be improved in the health and care system in Salford.

The conversation has been split into a total of five themes; prioritising patients, accessing health services, health at home, mental health, and new relationships between health and care communities.

These five areas will make sure that the people of Salford have a say on all aspects of health and social care in their area.

During the coronavirus pandemic, health and care services in Salford have already been changing in order to keep staff and patients safe, but it is hoped that the Big Reset Conversation will reshape the future of these services – so that the people receiving the care can receive it in the best way.

Alison Page, Chief Executive of Salford CVS, said:

“I would encourage everyone who lives or works in Salford to take part in the Big Reset Conversation to make sure a wide range of voices are heard from across Salford’s diverse communities.

“Together we can make a difference!”

Throughout the pandemic, it is no secret that a number of services were put on hold, these including planned surgeries and routine appointments. But now those who still need this care are being prioritised, as well as making sure people still have access to their GP and Emergency Department.

Salford GP, Dr. Girish Patel, said:

“Online, video, telephone – we are still here for you in lots of different ways.

“You may have noticed that the way you book an appointment with a GP has changed following the coronavirus pandemic but we are still providing the best level of care to you, it just might not be face-to-face.

“If you think you need an appointment with your GP, just call or visit their website.”

For more information and to take part Salford’s Big Reset Conversation visit;




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