Walken South Labour Councillor, Laura Edwards showed her disapproval at the new Tier 3 restrictions that the Prime Minister has imposed on Manchester and Greater Manchester at 5pm yesterday.

Edwards supported Andy Burnham’s original decision to not accept a lower offer for furlough schemes to help the people of Greater Manchester when they eventually end up out of work again.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson offered £60 million out of Burnham’s £65 million intended support package which he said was ‘essential’.

Edwards was not surprised at the PM’s offer, saying, “They are not bothered about the wider implications of increased poverty, homelessness and associated mental and physical health problems.”

Salford Mayor Paul Dennett spoke alongside Andy Burnham after the government failed to reach an agreement over the financial aid, the final figure being just £22 million.

Mayor Dennett said: “We have fought hard for the people of Greater Manchester and it’s really disappointing that the Government can’t back the negotiations that Greater Manchester has put forward.

“This has always been about people; this has never been about politics for us. It is really sad that the Government today haven’t accepted our reasoned, logical and evidence-based approach.”

In a chain of tweets Edwards mentioned the lack of support from the government for issues including public services, living standards and the rising cost of living.

Edwards said, “You’d think they’d be less blatant about it but they just don’t care.”

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